Saturday, May 5, 2012

Trimming the fingerboard to size

Time to see how the Dremel mini-saw does with the ebony fingerboard blank. Here's the amateur setup for guiding the saw along the cut line (actually a little outside the line, to leave room for error):

It turned out that the saw is just big enough to slice through the whole depth of this board.

A quick test fit with the neck:

The new fingerboard is a bit too wide - I'll trim it down as I work on the inlays and shape the flat face. Shaping will involve taking ~1mm of wood in the region up to the 8th fret, since this will be the fretted part. As I want it to be the same height as the fretless one when the frets are installed, I'll need to lower it before putting the frets in. This will probably tricky, I'll find out soon.

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