Sunday, December 20, 2015

The CMS guitar turns to the Dark Side

A long long time ago ... I came across the scores for the Star Wars soundtrack, one of my favorite pieces of music and a strong inspiration for me since I can remember. As I was dissecting the arrangements it was pretty natural for me to transcribe everything for guitar. I even started recording the whole Main Theme "guitar orchestra", but that project has been on hold for several years now, since I decided to do the Imperial March first.

The idea for this arrangement was to not just blindly reproduce the original orchestral parts on guitar, but to do something that makes more sense in a guitar+bass+drums situation. On the other hand I wanted to retain as much of the original parts as possible, and not just take the main melody and make a fitting heavy metal backing track.

Well, I'm happy with the final result. :)

I decided to play the main melody on the CMS guitar and to film these parts I went to the CMS Experiment itself. The backdrop is a 1:1 scale photograph of the CMS particle detector, you can appreciate the size and the beauty of the thing in the video:

P.S. the song is also available for purchase on Loudr ;)

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