Friday, May 25, 2012

Changed my mind about the frets

In parallel to this little project I've decided to actually take up building a guitar from scratch (i.e. bare wood). The idea for that one is to build a solidbody nylon string guitar with piezo pickups. I was making a testpiece to get myself familiar with the basic woodworking tools and skills required, and at some point I strung it up before putting frets in to see if everything is fine:

I played that for a little while... and realized that playing fretless in the 5th position is so much fun there is no way I'm putting those frets into the CMS guitar. I'll keep frets 1-4 just to stand a chance of playing open chords in tune but from the 5th fret up its fun time!

So I'm back to gluing padauk veneer into the fingerobard...

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