Monday, July 16, 2012

Headstock decals

The final touch to the headstock is the logo. Two logos, in fact. One is the official CMS logo - like in The other my logo - "TRAQ guitars". The second one goes on dark background so I had to make white lettering. The way to do this is to print out the black letter outline on decal paper and color the inside white. Then when the decal is applied upside down, the black lines covert the white and create nice edges for the letters. Here's what it looks like:

I had quite a number of failed attempts with this, from accidentally tearing the decal to brushing over it with nitrocellulose lacquer and ending up brushing the decal itself away. So i decided this needs to be sprayed, the only thing I had available in a spraycan was automotive acrylic clearcoat (I didn't want to fire up the spraying rig again, plus I've run out of 2K paint anyway).

So I buried the headstock face in that. This is an intermediate picture after several layers:

Since I could still see the surface having a different texture over the decals, I levelled the whole thing with P1000 wet&dry sandpaper and sprayed on a few more coats. Waiting for them to dry now.

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