Wednesday, April 4, 2012

hmm... Washburn?

Rain came to the Geneva area so my testing board is out on the balcony enjoying the varying weather conditions (undergoing stress-testing that is).

Me - I'm looking around for some relatively cheap guitar that will become the body of this new instrument. Looking at price/quality I think the Washburn RX12 might be a good choice, I will check one out and see how they play. If it's good I might avoid having to search for a used instrument.

I'm liking the string-thru body bridge, it should allow me to keep a lot of the artwork in that region. The pickups are 2x humbuckers unfortunately (there is a HSS version called RX10, but with a tremolo bridge), I'll see what to do with this. Maybe I'll keep it like that, or I'll try to mod it to have a single coil in the neck position.. we'll see.

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