Friday, March 30, 2012

Testing the finish

The painting is finally done:

Each of the four square puzzle pieces has different type of finish applied. Going from top-left to bottom-right, these are:
  • sprayed 2 component polyurethane automotive clearcoat 
  • sprayed 1 component acrylic automotive clearcoar
  • no finish (just one layer of nitro sealer on left half of the square)
  • brushed water-base furniture lacquer
None of these managed to fill the spaces between the pieces, so I guess I'll just use more epoxy when gluing them to the guitar to partially do that. The water-base is already out of the game since it managed to dissolve the paint on the puzzle (maybe that's because I was brushing it on).

I will probably want to use 2K clearcoat for the final thing, but for now I'll leave these out in the balcony to take some sun/rain and we'll see how they hold up.

In the meantime I need to start looking for the guitar that will be the base for this project.

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