Saturday, April 14, 2012

Meet the future Mrs. CMS Guitar

I ended up finally not getting the Washburn. I was looking for it in a bunch of music shops in Warsaw when I stumbled upon some cheap but decent looking guitars by a company called Lâg. I took one for a spin and after spending about 20 minutes with it I decided that it plays and sounds pretty good for the price and I decided to take it. Here it is:

A nice red superstrat. I found the specifications online later - see here. So this is a basswood body guitar, with the usual maple/rosewood neck and fingerboard (including a thin piece of rosewood fitted in the body-neck joint. Some observations:

The headstock is unfortunately flat, not angled. So a "string tree" is needed to keep the string pressure on the nut. I don't like these things, they make tuning the instrument a mess. Thank God there is only one. I might swap it for a Graph-tech if I can't leave with it.
The tuning keys feel like plastic, we'll see how they hold up. The nut is supposed to be graphite, but I will probably be replacing it anyway along with the fingerboard.

The bridge is a simple 6-screw one-sided tremolo. I don't think I'll feel a strong need to replace it with some sort of fixed bridge so I will probably just block it and keep it as it is.

The pickup configuration is the one I wanted originally - a humbucker and two single-coils. The middle single-coil will go, making room for the center of the CMS detector in the photograph. I will probably keep the stock pickups, they don't sound bad at all.

The 5-position pickup switch will also have to go. Its taking way too much space. I will probably replace the tone knob with a 3-way switch. This anyway makes sense as there will be only two pickups in the end.

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