Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Painting time

And so the time has finally come to do some spraying. I'm a little uneasy as this is my first time with a real automotive spray gun. And I'll be using 2K urethane clearcoat - catalyzed two component paint. So any screw-ups will be hard to fix, but at least the paint should be durable and dry quickly (days as opposed to weeks). No test runs this time - it either works out or it doesn't. To make this even more fun I'm doing three guitars at the same time, as you can see in the picture below:

After shooting the first coat of clear I had the guitar looking like this:

Following this with a second coat after 30 minutes, the clear is flowing out quite nicely.

Time to lay her down to sleep. It turns out that I don't have the amount of paint to do many coats, but from what I know on cars they only do about 1.5, so if I manage to get three or four in total I should be fine... I think. I will probably not be sanding this since I'm anyway keeping the puzzle-like surface so... we'll see.

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