Friday, October 5, 2012

Neck refinish

The neck refinish is done. Here is the back of the neck, sanded down to bare wood:

And here is is a few days and about 8 coats of Danish Oil later:

The heastock had some little irregularities in the paint over the decals for some reason. I decided to get rid of that, sanded the finish flat with P1000 wet&dry sandpaper, shot a few more coats of clearcoar and leveled that. Then followed up with a set of micromesh pads and finally buffed up to a mirror shine. Here's the result:

And here's the fingerboard after a re-leveling, P600 sandpaper and some Danish Oil.

Now I can put the new strings on and do a photoshoot and then a videoshoot hopefully. Stay tuned!

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