Thursday, June 14, 2012

Inlay test: seems ok this time

With the epoxy dry I can now cut off the veneer that's sticking out:

Revealing the inlay looking pretty good for my taste: 


Looks like I might be able to pull it off this way. Especially since the real fingerboard will be ebony, its a lot easier to mask any imperfections with epoxy in ebony as its nearly black..

But before I move on to the real thing I want to do a test run for the whole design. I made another template for the other muon track and routed out another channel. Filling it with epoxy mixed with wood dust again:

And another series of veneer strips is in place:

Once this is done I'll have to tackle the hard part again: the little shower of tracks at 12th fret that I will probably have to freehand again one way or another. We'll see.

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